Your roof is the most important part of your home. Ensure it is protecting you. Not every roof is identical and not every roofing company is the same. A roofer has to be an expert in every type of roofing surface and how to diagnose a potential roof leak and how to repair it.

Slate and tile roofs are precision systems that require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure they last a lifetime. Always get a professional roofing contractor who has experience with all types of roofing materials to inspect and repair your roof. At Precision Slate and Tile Roofing we always offer the most professional roofing repair services.

Whether you have a slate roof, tile roof or asphalt roof, we work on any type of roofing material.

No job is too difficult for us to do.

Whether it is slate, tile or asphalt and it takes a skilled professional roofer to inspect a roof and find potential problem areas, such as galvanized gutters, and repair them before they cause damage not only to the roof but the interior of a home due to leaks. Professional and expert roof repair is our specialty.

We are a full service roofing contractor. We are based in Bexley, Ohio and have done work in Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and all points from Cleveland to Northern Kentucky.

We do quality work on:

* Slate roofs
* Tile roofs
* Asphalt shingle roofs
* Metal roofs, including copper roofs
* All historic roofing restoration
* All types of gutters, including aluminum, copper and box gutters
* Church steeples
* Masonry
* Emergency storm repairs
* Insurance claims
* Ice damming solutions
* Ice and snow guards

Our passion is slate roofs, tile roofs, and historical restorations, especially on churches and local historic structures.

We always follow OSHA standards for a safe, clean job site.

We only hire the best roofing talent and we have access to the finest roofing materials in the world.

We keep low overhead costs and then pass the savings on to you: we have our own trash removal and we own our own equipment and real estate.

Contact us for a free estimate, let an expert, professional and experienced slate and tile roofer bear the burden of repairing your roof ensuring your roof will continue to protect you and your home.

When you want the best roofing company come to the true slate roof specialists.